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In this package you will get my 10 best credit disputing letters. What are credit disputing letters you might ask? Essentially these letter templates are what you will use to send to credit bureaus and creditors to get them to remove negative items off of your credit report. All you will need to do is add in your personal information, print, and mail off these letters.


If you already bought my “DIY credit repair E book” then you have learned exactly when and how to use these letters. Lucky for you I’ve already done the work of creating these templates and trying them out on the bureaus - so I’m here to share my favorite and most successful letters with you!


Terms of use: Aphex Capital retains the original copyright of this eBook. After purchasing the eBook, you receive personal usage rights. DO NOT re-sell, share, or distribute the original eBook to any person(s) or third party.

Returns & Exchanges: Due to the nature of being a digital product, once purchased, no refunds or exchanges will be given. If you have any questions about the product, please Contact Us.

10 Best Disputing Letters

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