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In this guide you will find everything you need to know about your credit score and how to repair it. A lot of people are scared of credit but I think that just comes from a fear of the unknown. Whether we like it or not, credit is a part of nearly every aspect of our life - car loans, housing approval, and even job applications. So we need to make sure our credit is in peak condition to set us up for success and save us money along the way!


In this guide I’ll give you the tools and guidance you need to improve your credit and obtain financial freedom:

  • You will learn the breakdown of your credit report and how your score is calculated

  • I’ll tell you the tips and tricks to having negative items removed from your credit report

  • We’ll explore the ways you can rebuild your credit as well

Once you’ve mastered these skills, you can expect a future filled with financial successes. This guide will give you the power to improve your credit and see your financial goals come true.


Terms of use: Aphex Capital retains the original copyright of this eBook. After purchasing the eBook, you receive personal usage rights. DO NOT re-sell, share, or distribute the original eBook to any person(s) or third party.

Returns & Exchanges: Due to the nature of being a digital product, once purchased, no refunds or exchanges will be given. If you have any questions about the product, please Contact Us.


Aphex Capital is not a Financial advisor/ Financial organiztion. This content is for entertainment purposes only. With the purchase of this product you understand that you take full responsibility for your actions.

DIY Credit Repair Ebook

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